Veragold Mining continues to be engaged with all of its stakeholders We continue to develop productive, ethical and transparent relationships with local, and government agencies as well as surrounding communities.

As a Company we have a duty to our shareholders and communities to promote sustainable growth supported by safe, profitable and socially responsible business practices while developing long term resources.

As part of its ongoing stakeholder engagement efforts, monthly meetings are held with an advisory council to identify concerns and needs of the community as the project advances.

Veragold has been an active member of the community and has worked with community leaders to support numerous social, health, educational and community programs since 2008.

Community support in the district of Cañazas

• San Francisco Javier Hospital

• Municipality of Cañazas

• Police department of Cañazas

• Children`s Food Kitchen in Cañazas

• Assistance in repair of municipal aqueducts


Support of educational organizations

• Professional Institute and Technical C.C.M of Cañazas

• Primary School Jose de la Cruz Merida


Support of social organizations

• Instructional courses for children of 8 to 14 years

• Instructional courses for adults

• Sponsorship of local events and activities

• Grants to families with special emergencies and hardship circumstances

• Logistical  and  financial  support  for  families with medical emergencies

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