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Our Environment

Veragold Corporation is a mining company that adheres to the international and domestic laws pertaining to environmental safety and protection.

The project is designed to minimize the carbon footprint, and maximize performance and results. We have designed state of the art systems and practices with proven advanced technologies, with the support of the best laboratories in the United States and Canada.

We are commited to produce maximum efficiency, applying clean mining technology that adheres to our pledge to Social Corporate Responsibility.

Our professional team at Veragold will process the benefits of this project, which will benefit the regional and national economy. We also have the expertise and skills to mitigate the environmental impact to a minimum and maximize our reforestation efforts.

Our vision is to achieve the integration of the communities, and improve the quality of life of the region.

Our mission is to sustain Veragold as a model for: best practices, environmental and occupational safety.

Water Quality Testing by Ministry of Commerce

Water Quality Testing

Soil Quality Sampling and Testing

Soil Quality Sampling and Testing #2

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